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An Open Letter to Randy LaJoie: What the Media Hasn't Said.

It was quite a shock to get into the car Tuesday and turn on the radio only to hear a clearly distraught Randy LaJoie explaning that NASCAR had suspended him because he tested positive for marijuana.  He was asked by JGR to spot for a Nationwide race and… more »

Eight Things to Think About for 2010: Number Eight - Minimize Pit Road Speeding Penalties

01/12/10 | by diandra [mail] | Categories: Racing, Penalties, Pit Road, acceleration
I've already written a blog explaining how the drivers determine Pit Road speed. They don't have a speedometer, they have a tachometer. By considering the gears, the crew chief can tell the driver how many revolutions per minute (rpm) the engine should… more »

Eight Issues NASCAR Needs to Address in 2010

Because NASCAR likes nothing better than unsolicited comments, right? Last month included a three hour drive that consisted of listening mostly to people's BCS-esque plans for changing The Chase. Did you know that NASCAR actually went so far as to pat… more »

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