Category: Browne, Josh

Pit Road Speeding Explained

The black helicopters were out over Indy on Sunday, or so suggest some Juan Pablo (a.k.a. Juablo)fans. This happens every time someone leading a race (or contending for the lead) gets a pit road penalty. On This Week in NASCAR, Micheal Waltrip opined… more »

Behind the Science of Speed

The Science of Speed video series is now up at We did a press conference at Texas Motor Speedway Friday April 3rd afternoon announcing the series. If you told me three years ago I'd be sitting at a racetrack in-between a real raceca… more »

Sideforce is the New Downforce

Thanks so much to Dave Moody for having me on his (and Suzy's) show last week. Following that show, I got a number of suggestions for future blog ideas. My favorites ones are the folks who send driver quotes and ask basically if the driver has any idea w… more »


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